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10 Tailgating Tips for Superfans!

  1. Plan to arrive four hours before the game starts. Then eat two hours before the game so you have plenty of time to set up and clean up.
  1. Label your coolers so guests can find drinks easily.
  1. Freeze water bottles to use in place of ice in coolers so you have cold water to drink after they melt.
  1. Pack a mini first-aid kit into an old prescription bottle or Altoids tin.
  1. Float a big helium balloon on a long string from your car, so friends can find you.
  1. For colder months, bring a variety of soups in thermoses and tin mugs.
  1. Pack portable Jello shots in your team colors.
  1. In a case of emergency, learn to open a bottle of beer with your car door.
  1. Most importantly: Make nice, introduce yourself to your neighbors.
  1. RELAX and have fun.

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  1. GREAT tailgate tips!! Thank you!!

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