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How Early Is Too Early To Think About NFL Football?

If you consider yourself more than just an average NFL Fan, you are probably like the majority of us who get that empty feeling the day after the Super Bowl Champs have just been named . . . especially if the winner was not YOUR team. I am not going to cry about the team […]

Hello Kitty Merchandise

Hello Kitty: The Iconic Sensation

  Hello Kitty a.k.a. Kitty White If you were a child of the 80s, or raised a child in the 80s, no doubt Hello Kitty has crossed your path several times. Hello Kitty was made in 1974 by a Japanese company called Sanrio and first appeared on a coin purse. By the mid 1980s, Hello […]


So You’re a Fan of NCAA College Eh? Read Here How Fans Choose A School

So You’re a Fan . . . With thousands of colleges and universities throughout the United States, how does one choose which school they want to support scholastically or even become the biggest ball fan ever? Before I became a fan of college football and basketball, I always wondered how the people around me decided […]

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