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Are You A Fan Of Diamond Painting And Want To Learn More?

This is a short guest post from the writers of Color With Diamonds, who write educational content on the craft of diamond painting. To learn more, visit colorwithdiamonds.com and catch the various How-To articles and videos. Diamond painting is one of the newer crafts that has become wildly popular over the last couple of years […]


How Early Is Too Early To Think About NFL Football?

This is a short guest post from the content writers of WDD Virtual Assistant Services, who specialize in outsourced ecommerce, administrative, and media tasks for small businesses and entrepreneurs. To learn more, visit whitedogdistribution.com. If you consider yourself more than just an average NFL Fan, you are probably like the majority of us who get that […]

Hello Kitty Merchandise

Hello Kitty: The Iconic Sensation

Hello Kitty a.k.a. Kitty White If you were a child of the 80s, or raised a child in the 80s, no doubt Hello Kitty has crossed your path several times. Hello Kitty was made in 1974 by a Japanese company called Sanrio and first appeared on a coin purse. By the mid 1980s, Hello Kitty, […]

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