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Hello Kitty Merchandise

Hello Kitty: The Iconic Sensation

  Hello Kitty a.k.a. Kitty White If you were a child of the 80s, or raised a child in the 80s, no doubt Hello Kitty has crossed your path several times. Hello Kitty was made in 1974 by a Japanese company called Sanrio and first appeared on a coin purse. By the mid 1980s, Hello […]


So You’re a Fan of NCAA College Eh? Read Here How Fans Choose A School

So You’re a Fan . . . With thousands of colleges and universities throughout the United States, how does one choose which school they want to support scholastically or even become the biggest ball fan ever? Before I became a fan of college football and basketball, I always wondered how the people around me decided […]


Back to School: Yay or Aww . . .

Whether you’re excited for back to school because, well . . . it’s been a long summer, OR you’re sad because you couldn’t squeeze in everything on the summer agenda because it went by way too fast, the bitter reality is . . . like it or not, it’s here! In recent years, back to […]

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