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4 Must-Haves for an Awesome Man Cave

man cave
A hangout. An escape. A getaway. Whatever you’d like to call it, an awesome man cave will definitely change your life. It’s a great way to unwind after a long day at work or a place to watch the big game when cartoons are on replay in the living room.


A man cave isn’t exactly a fun place to hangout with nothing to do in it. A great TV & surround sound system are a must, of course. You’ll need something to watch the game (or whatever reality TV show you don’t want to admit your wife doesn’t make you watch). If you have the space, games are also a bonus. Pool tables and pinball machines are always popular. If you’re limited on space, consider a dart board. It always makes for a fun competition and they are relatively inexpensive.

Comfortable Seating

Standing around for hours isn’t relaxing for anyone. Try to get adequate seating for plenty of people but don’t completely monopolize the space. Also, definitely keep your comfort in mind. Recliners are always ideal. Also, consider reclining sectionals. This allows you to still have plenty of seating for guests but also put your feet up after a long day. Bean bags are a great way to expand seating while guests are over that you can store in a closet if space is tight.


A great man cave needs a great bar. Nothing rounds out a day like a cold brew, smooth cocktail or your favorite non-alcoholic beverage. Plus, a bar is a great place for all those steins you love that somehow keep ending up on a shelf in the attic. A wet bar is ideal, but if you don’t have the space or resources there are still plenty of other options. Consider a mini fridge or even a kegorator.

Awesome Decor

To make your man cave a space you truly love, fill it with things you love. Is it your alma mater? Your favorite professional team? Maybe your favorite movie? Fan Cave Superstore is a great resource for all the latest decor and accessories. You can get large metal or tin signs to hang on the wall. You can add memorabilia or accessories to some shelves over the bar. Consider license plates or other accessories if you’ve converted the garage. We have dozens of themes to choose from.

Ready to claim some space of your own? Get started setting up your man cave today. It may take some time and effort to make it awesome, but it will definitely be worth it.

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