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Back to School: Yay or Aww . . .


Whether you’re excited for back to school because, well . . . it’s been a long summer, OR you’re sad because you couldn’t squeeze in everything on the summer agenda because it went by way too fast, the bitter reality is . . . like it or not, it’s here!

In recent years, back to school has become quite the process, from orientation, to signing up for extracurricular activities, to the dreaded back to school shopping. So along with the basics, which include paper, pencils, notebooks, etc, one of the main staples of back to school supplies includes backpacks. After all, students need something to tote around all of their new goodies.

According to King (2016), in an article written in Time Magazine, backpacks were primarily made for hiking, camping, and alpine recreation back in the 1930s. King (2016) goes on to say that Gerry Outdoors claims to have invented the first modern nylon backpack, which ultimately caught on with other brands, including JanSport, the world’s largest backpack maker.

Times sure have changed!

Since this time period, the designs have evolved into lighter versions, with different designs, into what we see today. Now that the backpack is on the list of the essentials for back to school shopping (sometimes their favorite item), students have a way to express themselves. Function AND Fashion!

The creativity in design meets the imagination of any student, ranging from favorite video games, superheroes, sports teams, fantasy characters . . . the list goes on and on!

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Hurry, because somebody my be interested in the one you’ve been eye balling! Your student will thank you!

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