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Fan Cave Recommended Products

Here at Fan Cave Superstore, we tend to carry niche products that are often more difficult to find when walking into your local specialty store. We do unfortunately recognize that we occasionally miss out on opportunities to offer our customers some really cool products. So with this in mind, we created this page featuring some items we really like and recommend, and can be found right on Amazon. It is important to point out, that we are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program (and other potential affiliate networks), an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

We hope you like what you see:

MVP Tumbler by Great American Products

We really like these tumblers and use them personally. And yes . . . you can find them in your favorite NFL, NCAA, MLB, NBA, or NHL team. Actually, we have been using Great American tumblers for about five years because of the great feel and design each of them have. The best one we’ve run across by far is the MVP Tumbler series, which has exceeded our expectations.

  • It holds 18 oz of your favorite hot or cold drink
  • It has a durable 18/8 stainless steel construction, making it resistant to damage.
  • It comes with a crisp metallic wrap, displaying of your favorite team
  • It also has an option high-quality sturdy emblem that really accents the travel mug nicely like you can see in the image above. We tend to get them with the emblems but that’s just because that fits our personal tastes.
  • Some of the other features are that it fits nicely into the cup holder in your car, it does not require a coaster, and it is vacuum insulated.

Our favorite feature is that our coffee stays hotter longer than the other designs we’ve tried. To see more details, you can click on the image.

Deluxe Grill Cover by Rico Industries

Many great cook out masters have their own special rituals they like to follow when hosting friends and family. Let’s be real, the experience you give your guests somehow always seems to reflect either positively or negatively on you, so sometimes you have to go all in and maybe put on a “show”. What I mean is great food, great entertainment, and a display of all the fancy gadgets and fan merchandise you have access to.

Since I am speaking of cookouts, why not accent the center piece of the get together itself? Yes, I am talking about a grill cover proudly displaying your favorite NCAA, NFL, MLB, or NHL team. I had initially tried the economy version of a grill cover years ago, but as you can probably guess, that ended up tearing pretty quickly on a corner of my grill. I am happy to say that I have using the deluxe version, like you see in the image above, for about four years, and I am still very happy with it. I have no problem recommending this cover to anyone I know and like. To see more details, you can click on the image.

NFL Jersey by Nike

Nothing screams superfan like somebody wearing a sports jersey with the number of their favorite player. There’s just something magical about a garment that has the power to connect you closer to your team. Shopping online is an excellent option for finding the one that best suits your style. We like to recommend the major brands like Nike and NFL Pro Line to ensure that you end up with a nice quality and authentic product. We chose to display the Kansas City Chiefs jersey since they just won the Super Bowl, but obviously you can find jerseys in your favorite team as well. To see more details, you can click on the image.

There are so many awesome products to talk about, and so little time. We will adding more soon!

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