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How Early Is Too Early To Think About NFL Football?

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If you consider yourself more than just an average NFL Fan, you are probably like the majority of us who get that empty feeling the day after the Super Bowl Champs have just been named . . . especially if the winner was not YOUR team.

I am not going to cry about the team that I support, but I will just say this . . . I am very used to this feeling of the Super Bowl winner NOT being my team. Oh sure, they have five championships under their belt, but it’s been almost 25 years! Sometimes the very best thing I can say (just like the fans of the 31 other teams) is “well . . . there’s always next year”. I must say, the pain of saying this makes it difficult to think of football any time soon, which begs the question, how early is too early to think about NFL Football?

For the lucky few, they will parade around in their Super Bowl Champion shirts and hats, and add bumper stickers to their cars telling the world they are fans of The Champs, probably through February. You’ve seen them . . . everyone loves a winner!

Sadly, the NFL has the shortest season of the professional sports leagues in North America. So is everyone supposed to just forget about it until pre-season comes around in August?

Well, not exactly. If you are a fan of NCAA football, you can follow your favorite players through the NFL Draft. To me, there is something gratifying in seeing the college superstars I once watched locally or on TV make it to the pros. I am happy to say that our local college in Boise Idaho has produced some real winners. The best part of following the draft is that it comes relatively quickly from the time the season ends.

If you are not a fan of NCAA football, that’s ok. The NFL has done a really good job at keeping people engaged year round. For example, you can stay up to date on contract negotiations, injury updates, or even watch old games if that is your cup of tea.

As for me, NFL football does not consume the majority of my life, but it is and has been a huge part of it for many years. I can draw on memories of watching games with my grandfather, games with my dad, games with my wife, games with just me, and games in large crowds. There is just something about the game that helps bring people together . . . or tears people apart depending on the teams playing; of course I am smiling when I say that.

Whatever it is that starts you thinking about football, whether it’s Draft Day, news on your favorite player, or seeing somebody sporting their team gear, it’s never too early! The truth is, I think about it nearly every day. When I fire up my computer, my wallpaper is my favorite team. When I hit the home button of my phone, there is my team again. When I grab my ball cap, look for a shirt, grab my coffee . . . you get the point.

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