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Diamond Dotz Tender Tigers 5D Diamond Painting Kit

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Tender Tigers Diamond Painting Kit

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Product Details:
  • Design Size: 52 cm x 37 cm (20.5″ x 14.5″) / Fabric Size: 60 cm x 45 cm (23.6″ x 17.7″)
  • Coverage: Partial Drill Design
  • Bead Type: Round Drill Beads
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Kit Includes: Fabric Painting, Color Coded Beads, Stylus, Craft Tray, and Wax
​The Diamond Dotz® Difference:

Design – Competing products often advertise original artwork that looks much better than the finished product – this is just false advertising!
Copyright – Many competing “diamond painting” products use artwork which is in blatant breach of copyright. All of our designs are either proprietary or licensed for use all around the world. We do not copy or use unauthorized artwork.
Safety First – Nearly all “diamond painting” products being sold in the market today use materials which are not compliant to US and EU regulations.
Quality Assurance – Our Facet is unique and reflects light much more than competing products. We also use many feature/highlight facets which gives the end result a completely different look. Competing products use a poor quality vinyl or synthetic multi-layer substrate that is inferior in both look and performance. Competing products have problems with the adhesive and poorly engineered substrate. Especially on larger designs, the adhesive cannot make a strong enough bond with the substrate and the beads may fall off over time. On competing products the print is not permanent and is not waterproof, it fades in sunlight and is easily scratched off the substrate.
After Sales Support – With craft kits there are sometimes shortages or minor problems with the contents of the kits. Missing beads, maybe dry wax, or something not clear about how to finish the product, etc. Very often the end user creates the problem without realizing it. Our philosophy has always been to make sure that we supply any missing component and, in general, make sure that the end user has a good experience with our product. So we send spare beads or components to customers whenever there is a problem. Competing companies are not as responsive and most don’t even care to respond to customer inquiries. This leaves a frustrated end user who often cannot complete their project.
Genuine Diamond Dotz® – When shopping always look for the Diamond Dotz® brand as a symbol of quality & safety.  Happy Dotting!


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