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Fan of NCAA College Ball? Here’s How Fans Choose A School


So You’re a Fan . . .

With thousands of colleges and universities throughout the United States, how does one choose which school they want to support scholastically or even become the biggest ball fan ever? Before I became a fan of college football and basketball, I always wondered how the people around me decided which teams to root for. It’s not like there are only 30 something teams to choose from, like some of the pro leagues. The following are four examples of how some people come to their conclusions.

I Went To That School

Whether you are in your first year of college, attended a semester or two, or graduated after four (or five) years, there is no denying that school spirit runs deep. And why not be proud? Ultimately it was your decision on where to invest in your future. Whether your football, baseball, basketball, or debate team was good or bad, you just have to support them. Although, it’s much easier if they were good.

I Live In A College Town

Back in 2005, my family and I moved to a college town. Moving from an area that had multiple professional teams like football, basketball, baseball, and hockey all within an hour away, college ball was not really a big deal. I am sure it was, but it was so diluted by all of the other options available. When you live in a college town, you definitely know it. Probably because that is all anybody wants to talk about. It’s on the local news stations; it’s invites for tailgate parties; it’s flags on houses, flags on cars, t-shirts, hats, you name it. Ultimately, you become a fan by default. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

My Son or Daughter Goes To That School

This can be a tricky one for sure! Of course we want to support our children, but if you are a Kansas State Wildcats fan and your child gets accepted into the University of Kansas, you may have a potential problem. What do you tell your friends? If you don’t have some explaining to do, then you just found a good reason to like another team. Now if you live relatively close to Kansas State, it’s a little tougher to walk through town sporting a Kansas shirt. So if this is the case, you may need to just wear the shirt when your child comes home on breaks :-).

The Coach Of My Team Moved To A New School

This reason comes from personal experience. We had a fabulous coach from 2006-2013. But when one is offered millions of dollars more per year to coach at a new school . . . well, they do what they gotta do! As a result, I had to like the new school too, just out of respect for the coach.

We are all fans of our team(s) for one reason or another, but the question is, how do you like show off your fandom? Are you loud and proud, with a total Man Cave or She Shed, decked out from top to bottom? Or are you slick and subtle, with a small insignia on your window? It doesn’t really matter, as long as you represent!

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